3: The One With Drinks And Karaoke (And Also Being Spied On)

March 2017

Okay, okay, I know I've been slack about writing The Thrilling Adventures of Rupert and Jen and Those Guys Who Tag Along With Us. I've had stuff to do. Important tanuki stuff.

Prettyboy finally talked to Felicity the Fertility Girl about what the heck was going on, and she said that she was studying magic to try to find out what happened to her boyfriend, Donovan Solaris, because THAT'S not a significant name or anything. Apparently he got involved with a group calling themselves the Seeker of the Aegis a few years ago, whose leader is called Raphael St Claire, and we know… not very much about them, actually. Except that they're apparently maybe responsible for this Donovan guy going missing and are definitely responsible for Felicity's abduction, so that's bad.

So the next important thing that happened was Jen got her story about cultists kidnapping people and doing creepy things with their blood published in a for real newspaper for actual money, and the newspaper guy gave her his card and not in a sleazy way. So she invited the boys out and we all went to a bar in Leichhardt to celebrate.

Jen can't hold her alcohol very well. Just fyi.

After drinking there was karaoke. And after karaoke everyone went "what the heck, someone is watching us" because apparently they're more observant when they're drunk.

Watching-person was holed up in a building that had a handy view of Jen's place, which is not cool. No spying on Jen, creepy dudes and ladies. Everyone failed at being sneaky after picking the lock and the guy went out the back door, but singing dude had gone around the back and sneak punched him into submission. Good for singing dude.

Guy had a false tooth with cyanide in it. Who does that?

Guy also had a mobile phone with a randomised number passcode that yours truly solved because tanuki are very good at maths. And we discovered a CONSPIRARY. A conspiracy to spy. And also that someone was going to be heading over soon, so a trap was laid and a lady was captured.

Lady was creepy, for the record. All "rah rah Scions think they're better than us so let's wipe them out", like that ever ends well. Obviously a Seeker. Also a doctor of some sort which just makes her creepier. Evil doctors. Ick. She wasn't super helpful, so Jen tagged her with her "I know where you are" power and she got let go, because this group isn't the sort of group who kills tied up enemies, which I approve of. (Shut up. I can approve of good things.)

Then everyone went to sleep, because it was late and they were drunk.

(I did not go to sleep. I did more important tanuki stuff.)

The next day, everyone headed over to singing dude's place to have a council of war. Plans got drawn up, which were that Jen would tag Donnie with her "I know where you are" power to see if he was hanging out with Doctor Lady in St Leonard's or if he was just hanging out in St Leonard's ALL THE TIME which would probably indicate that he's a prisoner.

(Or dead. Does the tag work on dead people? I should ask Jen that. In a way that won't upset her.)

And then we stopped for breakfast that Hot Fairy Chick made and it was a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger is tradition, yo.



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