7: The One with BETRAYAL. And Adventures In Different Worlds, I Guess

April 2017

So Tanith's advice was basically that we needed to go on a quest.

Well, that THEY needed to go on a quest, but I go where Dickhead Believes In Selling People goes since his father saddled me with him, which is apparently not something he appreciates at all. Which is fine. I like Jen and Donal better anyway.

Tanith loaded everyone up with supplies just in case The Questing took a long time, because they had to go to Thoth's realm first to find out HOW to mend a tear in the Veil, and then probably go to all sorts of other places to get the actual mending stuff, because that's how Questing works. It's not simple. And then she opened the basement door and we went into Thoth's Domain, which is basically the Platonic Ideal of the Nile Delta. Lots of little islands of knowledge in the Knowledge-Nile, which was also full of crocodiles. Which might also have been full of knowledge. We didn't check.

Eventually, after Sticks His Nose Into Everyone's Business But His Own kept poking Jen about talking to her father, we found the Golden Ibis who was apparently a guardian of the realm. It seemed friendly. Donal gave it a container of prawns that Tanith had packed just in case and it told us how to mend the rift; we needed a needle from Izanami's handmaidens, and a thread from the goblin markets that could stitch together dreams and rainbows.

It's not a metaphor, which makes it even more annoying.

So from there we went on into a tiny little pitch-black cave that led to Yomi, which is sad and boring and luckily for us we didn't actually have to talk to Izanami this time. She doesn't like dudes and we're kind of 75 per cent dudes. One of the shikome found us and she seemed nice enough. Kind of creepy. Entirely too willing to pull out her own rib when she found out we needed one of her "needles" because APPARENTLY THAT IS WHAT THAT MEANT. Ew. We made Hypocrite McWankerface carry it.

From there, we left Yomi and found Tir Na Nog, because all the realms connect sooner or later and we had denizens helping us find doorways, which is always helpful. The goblin market was nice and shiny. Jen bought some dream-fabric that changes colour and texture to be whatever she wants it to be. Donal traded for the thread that we needed, and then he and Jen bought pets from the pet stall; Jen has a moon rabbit and Donal has a sunbird.

And we found out that SOMEONE thinks it's cool to try to trade someone who DOESN'T DAMN WELL BELONG TO HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE, like slavery is a THING, so that's cool. Nice useful bit of information there. Good to know.


And then we went home and I am not talking to Sells His Allies right now except in swears.



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