4: The One With The Beauty Spa

March 2017



Okay, okay, going back to explain.

So we figured that Donnie wasn't wherever he was willingly, because he wasn't moving around much (maybe a couple of metres) and most people move around more than that, unless they're hardcore gamers or something, and I feel like Fertility Felicity would have told us that. We looked up the location he was on Google Maps and look at that, it was a beauty spa. Or a "rejuvenation clinic", anyway, where Evil Creepy Doctor Lady works.

So the plan was that Terrifyingly Hot Fairy Lady would make everyone look like not-them and they'd book appointments so they could go snoop. And then Maru told me that I could turn into a sexy lady and be his arm candy! Best day ever.

I think we forgot the plan a bit, because when we got there he was totally useless and I had to choose our appointments (and get called Rupinette, which is the worst) and since I didn't want to go for the freaky stuff, I figured hey, a nice massage, right?

I forgot you get naked for massage, okay.

Anyway, while we were being completely awkward, Jen and Donal made a much better appointment to get manicures, because they both looked like ladies and ladies get manicures, and then Jen went "oh whoops I need to pee" and sneaked off to the bathroom, around the same time Maru did because naked massages are awkward even if there are robes involved. He's not good at people, okay.

They headed upstairs where Jen could tell Donnie was and were very, very sneaky (which I did not know they could do, honestly) and found where he was. It was not pretty. Lots of sedatives and experiment-looking shit. Not cool, guys. Not cool.)

And then I got to be a distraction! The fire alarm got set off and then I got to run around the place being a naked mud-covered tanuki while Maru sneaked the unconscious guy out the back and Donal and Jen brought the van around.

Best. Day. Ever.

And then we left Unconscious Donnie with one of Donal's Irish Ladies who is apparently a doctor and took a bunch of the berserkers off to run a raid on Raphael St Claire's house.

It did not go well. Dude has magic somehow. What the fuck. Nobody got hurt, but he said "hey, you all should leave" and Jen and Donal felt like leaving. And then he just warped space away from Maru in a fight. Who does that.

Thus ends this chapter of The Adventures Of Us.


Donal got a name! Moving up in the world :)

4: The One With The Beauty Spa

Rupert has warmed to him after being allowed to be a sexy lady AND run rampant through a beauty spa XD

4: The One With The Beauty Spa

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