The Band

Donal's Followers


A group of men and women who, whilst not Scions, are still pretty damn hardcore. A good chunk of them are berserkers. They’re good fighters, and they make a decent band-and-roadies.

Particularly pertinent followers:

Angus – The guy who generally takes charge when Donal is off on Scion business. More level-headed than most of the others, although he has an unfortunate tendency to put his foot in his mouth.
Fiona – The band’s doctor. She also works at a clinic nearby, but is mostly on hand to deal with the sort of injuries that happen when you put a dozen rowdy men and women in a warehouse and give them alcohol and musical instruments.
Caoilfhionn – Sent to her aunt Fiona when she started being a nuisance in Ireland. Totally twenty-one, she swears. Has a great big battle-axe and a thirst for battle that is not being nurtured because this is 2017 and we don’t encourage children to run into battle.


The Band

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