5: The One With Dinner

April 2017

Status report: Donnie's still unconscious, because he's massively hecked up.

So post-rescue of the probably-a-Scion, everyone figured that hey, they should probably check on the Scions that they know come to Sydney sometimes. The other Scions didn't live in Sydney, but they stopped in and out, so they could have been targets of the stupid cult of whatever, right? So, as follows:

Isaac Seuss, Scion of Isis, appeared to be MIA. Whoops.

Cuckoo Lane, Scion of Lugh, overseas at the moment. Plus, super hardcore. Probably fine.

Maurice Corbin, Scion of the Morrigan, currently in Sydney. Jen called and got an invitation to dinner the next day.

And then asked if "people like us" can get married. Jen, you are a perfectly nice girl and you have become mysteriously prettier; you could totally get married if you want to.

Anyway. The dudes and lady went to dinner the next day, after making me stand watch duty ALL DAY WITH NOTHING ELSE TO DO (his wifey is nice. She brought me pancakes) and had a chat about the shit that was going down. Conclusion: Morrie and his wifey were fine, Isaac is probably dead, Morrie is going to go interstate to check on some other Scions. Australian Scions unite?

And then one of Jen's workmates went "hey, my son has been acting weird and suddenly has a lot more money than he should, what's up with that" and Jen decided the best thing to do was have them both come to Donal's house. It'll be GREAT.



so when the guys and Jen went to investigate Isaac's flat, they found a) his neighbours had a big case of "oh, that guy? Sure, he's a guy"; b) a statue in the shape of Isaac's sister Isabel; c) an orb of don't-look-here. Creepy as shit. Also signs of a struggle, so whoever it is that can go "this happened here" went "this happened here" and figured that someone attacked, threw magic at Isabel, and took Isaac away.

So the don't-look-here orb has been left there for now and Isabel is at Maru's place for safe-keeping, with proper clothes on.



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