6: The One With Too Many Teenagers

April 2017

So Ricky-the-maybe-a-Scion and his mum got invited over to Donal's place and nobody told Donal about this, because it's more fun that way. Donal finangled some sort of carry-shit-around apprenticeship thing for him because he's a fan of the band and keeing around a maybe-a-Scion to keep an eye on him is PROBABLY a good idea. Some pointed questions got asked about his father, who was apparently called Harry and gave his mum lots of presents but never stuck around. She didn't seem too bothered by that. Nothing conclusive, because that would be EASY.

So Maru invited them to come tour Sydney University and the kid can apparently tell how old stone carvings are or something like that? I don't know, I wasn't paying attention. He didn't seem all that surprised when Maru dropped the "by the way you might be a Scion" news on his head, though. No Visitation, which is weird and Not Good News. (How is he accessing powers if his dad didn't give him a Birthright? Questions. I do not like these questions.)

He pointed the gang to the claypit he does his sculpting at and they went investigating and found a big old rift into Death. THIS IS NOT GOOD. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF GOOD. THE VEIL IS THERE FOR A REASON, PEOPLE. And a couple of other people had been around it, so the gang went investigating and discovered a couple of kids about Ricky's age who'd been hanging around; a girl called Helena Dean who lives in Blacktown and a boy called Ling Yu who lives in Penrith. They have Death all over them. It's freaky.

So the plan ended up being that we'd ask Tanith what to do because FUCK. FUCKING RIFT INTO DEATH, LEAKING OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE.




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